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How often should I grind my skis?

The official materials states that skis should be ground after 40 hours of skiing. Nevertheless it depends on a type of snow, skiing style, etc. We recommend you to bring your skis to our service after each week of skiing or use our Pick-up & Delivery service.

Why to take care of the edges?

Sharp edges improves the grip on a hard surface, moreover the blunt edges are rounding off and it makes it more difficult to service them later. Therefore it shortens its lifetime. It is highly recommended to check your edges regularly.

You can find more in Ski maintenance – FAQ.

Why to wax the skid?

The skid is being waxed for two particular reasons. Firstly because of better riding performance. The waxed ski has better slide, because the wax prevents the snow to stick to the skid and lowers the friction. The second reason is a protection of the skid against random scratches which may occur during skiing

How long will the waxing last?

Waxing is the most important service operation. Wax alone will last on the skid only for a few days. Particularly after skiing it is necessary to wax your skis, so that the skid will not became dry. Then even after loosing the upper wax layer your skis will still work because it is deeply soaked by the wax. Therefore it is important to wax as often as possible.

Why to fix the scratches on the skid?

Smooth skid helps your skis to keep the direction. The skid without scratches last longer. Unattended deep scratch marks can lead to a further skid damage and in extreme cases even to a destruction of the whole ski.

Why to adjust your bindings?

The bindings are being constantly influenced by many factors – outside temperature, mechanical wear out, pressing forces during skiing, change of weight, skiing skills or skiing style. Because of these factors correctly set bindings can deviate. It is always necessary to adjust the bindings in accordance with these variables. We recommend to adjust the bindings at least once a year.

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