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Ski rental

We offer wide sort of downhill skis, snowboards and ski equipment. All rented equipment is perfectly serviced as we have our own service facilities.

Ski reservation

Cross-country ski rental

In our cross-country ski rental we offer wide range to choose from. We can accommodate all kind of customers – kids, who wish to try it for the first time, turists, who prefer universal skis, and sportsmen, who need the most advanced equipment.

Cross-country reservation


Ski pick-up & delivery

Ski pick-up & delivery is our specialty. We aim to save your time and money. We collect your skis for a service and after its done we will deliver them back to your home.

It also applies for the ski rental. On a delivery we prepare a range of skis to choose from and after your vacation we will collect them.

Ski pick-up & delivery order


Ski service

We offer professional and certified ski service with more than 10 years experience. Grinding, waxing, skid repairs, bindings adjustments and other service tasks. Our shop is equipped with modern Wintersteiger machines. To prove that we are the only service in the Czech Republic in charge of all Blizzard testing skis.

Ski service order

Take a look at our ski rental ans service in the photogallery.

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